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She knows the art of making strong bonds of friendship rather well.

Aquarius 12222 Love Horoscope

It is not unusual for her to have a wondrous social circle. Although she would mix well with others, she will be downright loyal to her partner. She hates dishonesty and deceitfulness in relationships. Before giving her heart, she will ensure that you can be trusted. This Aquarius Woman Personality reading is based on the Moon Sign, the sign where the Moon was placed at the time of your birth. If you do not know your Moon Sign, click here to find it out for free! She gets impressed with intelligent and innovatory ideas in a man. She wants a husband who can understand and relate with her modernized and unconventional views.

She would like you to let her keep her individualism intact after marriage. She will keep away from the passions and intensity of love for as long as possible. She wants enough freedom to chase her strange dreams and pursue her crazy fancies. As much as she is involved in trying to help save the world, an Aquarian woman can lack empathy for her closest friends and family.

Many of her friendships are purely intellectual; she enjoys delving into heated conversations and debates about politics or religion. Aquarians can talk easily to anyone, about anything, and tend to have many friends from a variety of social groups. Aquarian women radiate a cold glamour, like the cool, faint glow from a distant star. But what they really fall in love with is a conceptual relationship, often becoming completely caught up in plans for the future instead of really investigating how they feel about their relationship in the present moment.

But their ardor may sink to a simmer after the heated boil of anticipation wears away. This is an extremely independent woman, who rarely likes to be pinned down to one place for too long. Communication is important to those born under the sign of the Water Bearer, ruled by Uranus , especially electronic transmissions, which she may prefer.

Aquarians rarely stay in one place for long, and so the concept of home can be somewhat amorphous for these women who love to travel and feel most comfortable on the rambling road. Unconventional living spaces like yurts, travel trailers, or trucks that have been converted to include a bunk and kitchenette work well for this lady who is often on the move.

Aquarius women love seeking the beauty in the world and find themselves in awe of nature. It's been more than a year now. Will that work life long for me.

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What should i do to make it lifelong. Due to pressure at her home she is forced to get married with another person. But they not marrird yet. I am an Aquarius female, with an Aries male. We were best friends for 3 years before getting together and now 3 years into the relationship could say I have never been so happy. I think in terms of settling down, we are good for each other in ways which he helps me stay grounded.

As though I hate routines, and avoid it, it ends up putting me in a worst state. He stresses and works hard, I encourage and motivate his strive for adventure. We are amazing for each other in many ways. I need to know if I will be able to be with the one am thinking right now in my mind and will we stay forever also will us stay together? Bby J - Apr AM. I like a guy and I'm pretty sure he likes me too.

We're both Aquarius so his like a male version of me Love makes no sense to me and it's like and infatuation. We flirt and I can't help but feel dirty bcs he has a gf. But everytime I try to stay away from him I only get closer.

Aquarius Woman with other Zodiac Signs

Idiot want to ruin their relationship but it's hard to stay away from that Jackass Xoxo - Jun AM. I m in a relationshipwith aquarianit's soo difficult to handle him sometimes I'm an aquarian woman, I fell in love with a libra man who was already in a long distance relationship with another aquarian woman. He claimed to love me more. We had a good thing going until I felt insecure and messed it up.

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  • Our meeting was too coincidental. I applied to two businesses. Though I was qualified for one, I got the one I was not qualified for which was where he worked. We never crossed paths.

    Aquarius in Love

    I got bored and left the job. A year later, I got the job with the other business. He and I were on training together and developed a good friendship but not romantic. Then I met another guy, born same date and from the same area as he. However I only had feelings for the guy I worked with. We spent 4 years together having our ups and downs because of insecurity, now we don't speak at all. Should I let it be?

    I heard a lot about aquarianmen and I even heard that 'I love you ' will take a long time to come out from his mouth. But I remember, my Aquarian men proposed me 3 years earlier but I rejected his proposal and changed my house just in case to avoid him but somehow we were in comtact again and could even talk for hours. We shared a good friendship, good time. And yesterday he proposed me again and I said that even I was in love with him since I saw him first.

    I know that he's not the worlds best looking guy but instead he's the one for me. Am an aquarian woman nd i tink we are compatable wit aries,there is no bond lyk dis,dr is no perfect compatability dou, but wit understandin nd telorance,i tink anytin can work I fell in love with an Aquarius guy who is my colleague and friend but I guess he doesn't know. I want the love to die because I dont think am the type of woman he want to spend the rest of his life with.

    He acts as if he is not interested. Any good advice would be Ok.